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Refrigeration drives nearly half of a supermarket’s energy use and can contribute significantly to its carbon footprint. There is an increased focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to help combat climate change, and with that there is a need to detect, monitor, and repair refrigeration leaks.
In addition to mounting federal pressures, states are now implementing their own rules and regulations to address global warming. For example, California recently enacted rules that will require operators of large refrigeration systems to prevent refrigerant leaks beginning in 2012. These rules will require refrigeration system owners to monitor their systems for leaks, repair the leaks, and file reports with the state.
With energy costs and environmental concerns on the rise and consumers engaged and watching, how can you best address these matters? Now, more than ever, you need an action plan.

Refrigeration Services and Installation ( Commercial and Residential) :

• Walk In Coolers and Ice Makers
• Freezers
• Reaching Coolers
• Produce Sheds

We offer services to help you create new store designs and to remodel or upgrade existing stores with more advanced technology. We realize, however, that the vast majority of your stores need to operate today with the existing technology already in place. For that reason, more than half of our business is focused on optimizing and sustaining operations of existing technology in existing stores

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